The repository shall have mechanisms to change its preservation plans as a result of its monitoring activities.

This is necessary in order for the repository to be prepared for changes in the external environment that may make its current preservation plans a bad choice as the time to implement draws near

Preservation Plans tied to formal or informal technology watch(es); preservation planning or processes that are timed to shorter intervals (e.g., not more than five years); proof of frequent Preservation Policies and Preservation Plans updates; sections of Preservation Policies that address how plans may be updated and that address how often the plans are required to be reviewed and reaffirmed or updated.

The repository should demonstrate or describe how it reacts to information from monitoring, which sometimes requires a repository to change how it deals with the material it holds in ways that could not have been anticipated at an earlier stage. The repository should periodically review its preservation plans and the technology environment and, if necessary, makes changes to those plans to ensure their continued effectiveness. Another possible response to information gathered by monitoring is for the repository to update and create additional Representation Information and/or PDI.

Monitoring and acting on changes in the external environment are described in Preservation Services Policy and Preservation and Storage. Preservation Services Policy is to be reviewed and updated annually.