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Nathan Tallman

(Executive Director)

Nathan Tallman joined APTrust as Executive Director in 2024 after nearly 10 years of involvement as a member through the University of Cincinnati and Penn State University. His digital preservation philosophy is two-part. First, good stewardship is fiducially responsible, regardless of an organization’s resources. Without sustainable strategies, resources required for digital preservation can easily escalate and eventually put the organization’s mission at risk. Second, a successful digital preservation program is an embedded culture. Digital preservation requires all stakeholders to have the shared understanding that nearly every aspect of the creation and management of digital content has preservation implications.

Man in light green shirt outside,

Andrew Diamond

(Lead Developer and Technical Architect)

Andrew Diamond has over twenty years of software development experience in a number of industries. He designs and codes APTrust's back-end services, web applications, REST APIs, SQL databases and DART (the Digital Archivist's Resource Tool).

Photo of Flavia Ruffner

Flavia Ruffner

(Lead Engineer for DevSecOps)

Flavia Ruffner was introduced to life as a techy by her father in the time of Arpanet, Fortran, and Basic. She made the leap as a professional approximately two decades ago. Her current role has her leading the security and devops ( infrastructure ) IT operations architecture and strategic initiatives. She works closely with Andrew Diamond on the APTrust SaaS offerings to provide the most efficient and resilient solutions.