Advisory Committee

The APTrust Advisory Committee comprises two representatives each from the APTrust Sustaining Member institutions. They are appointed annually by their respective deans, and two members of the committee are selected to serve as liaisons to the APTrust Governing Board, where they are voting members. The concept of this group was refined in discussions at the October 2015 meeting of the APTrust members. There, a consensus emerged that the Advisory Committee would assume responsibility for strategic discussions and planning, including topics such as services and collaborations with other entities. Products might include documentation of strategic principles and business/service principles (as found in this draft). This group will also assume responsibility for commissioning and decommissioning work groups, as well as for providing advice to the Governing Board and the APTrust staff, as indicated in the APTrust Governance Manual.

Committee Featured Image

Boston College

A woman in glasses.

Amy Braitsch

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Melissa Wisner

Emory University

Rosalyn Metz

Rosalyn Metz

A woman in a purple shirt in front of a nature background.

Kathryn Michaelis

Georgetown University

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Suzanne Chase

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Rachel Jacobson

Johns Hopkins University

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Jeff Gara

A woman wearing glasses and a dark blue shirt.

Rachel Gattermeyer

North Carolina State University

Man in navy blue polo.

Jamie Bradway

A man with glasses wearing a blue check shirt.

Jason Ronallo

Occidental College

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Sarah Parramore

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Alanna Quan

Penn State University

A man wearing a blue striped shirt in front of trees.

Kevin Clair

University of Alabama at Birmingham

A man with beard, shirt, and sweater.

Kevin Hébert

A man wearing a suit against a brick wall.

Luke Menzies

University of Arizona

A woman wearing glasses and black clothes.

Stacey Erdman

Mike Hagedon

Mike Hagedon

University of Cincinnati

A woman in glasses standing in front of book shelves.

May Chang


James Van Mil

University of Colorado Boulder

Man with dark stripped shirt.

Michael Dulock

A man with a blue shirt and glasses.

Andrew Johnson

University of Maryland

A woman with red hair and a striped print shirt.

Kate Dohe

A man with glasses and a polka dot shirt.

Josh Westgard

University of Miami

A man wearing a polka dot shirt.

Paul Clough

A woman wearing red.

Rita Johnston

University of Michigan

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Bryan Skib

A man wearing glasses and a plaid shirt.

John Weise

University of Notre Dame

A man wearing glasses and a suit.

Mark Dehmlow

A man wearing glasses and a dark plaid shirt.

Scott Kirycki

University of Virginia

A man wearing glasses, shirt, and tie.

Stan Gunn

Kara McClurken

Kara McClurken

Virginia Commonwealth University

A woman with red hair.

Margaret Kidd

A woman with red hair wearing a blue blazer.

Irina Rogova

Virginia Tech

A woman in glasses and red shirt.

Alex Kinnaman

A man with glasses, wearing a jacket on a black background.

Alan Munshower

William & Mary

A man in a white shirt and tie.

Jay Gaidmore

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Michael Runyon