Record of content information and information properties Copy URL

The repository shall have a record of the Content Information and the Information Properties that it will preserve.

This is necessary in order to identify in writing the Content Information of the records for which it has taken preservation responsibility and the Information Properties it has committed to preserve for those records based on their Content Information.

Preservation Policies, processing manuals, collection inventories or surveys, logs of Content Information types, acquired preservation strategies, and action plans.

The repository must demonstrate that it establishes and maintains an understanding of its digital collections sufficient to carry out the preservation necessary to persist the properties to which it has committed. The repository can use this information to determine the effectiveness of its preservation activities over time.

The Content Information and Information Properties are described in Definition of AIP.

APTrust uses tarred bags for submission and distribution (restoration). Metadata for preservation is primarily managed by the APTrust repository and Bags only need to contain a minimal amount of metadata. APTrust Bags need to establish fixity for all items preserved in its data directory through a secure cryptographic hash that confirms file integrity and mitigate against file tampering. Bagging services need to be able to confirm file checksums for items in the data directory match the hashes of the files from their original location to confirm proper hand-off and establish the integrity of the bag. The metadata generated while the SIP is in the APTrust work queue is described in Item Resource.

Submission packages are modeled in a local repository to manage metadata, help provide reporting and manage the preservation lifestyle over time. Submission Packages are read as part of the APTrust ingest process. Submission metadata is stored on the Object Resource that helps mediate access to the underlying digital files represented by the File Resource objects. Technical metadata, data from audited events, and pointers to preservation files are stored in a File Resource object.  These digital objects are purposefully abstract to support the submission format agnostic packages to APTrust, while still allowing the depositor to specify a basic level of relationship by packaging files together or separately based on whatever relationship they see fit.