The repository shall have contemporaneous records of actions and administration processes that are relevant to AIP creation.

This is necessary in order to ensure that there is omitted from the record nothing relevant that might be needed to provide an independent means to verify that all AIPs have been properly created in accord with the documented procedures (see 4.2.1 through 4.2.9). It is the responsibility of the repository to justify its practice in this respect.

Written documentation of decisions and/or action taken with timestamps; preservation metadata logged, stored, and linked to pertinent digital objects.

These records must be created on or about the time of the actions they refer to and are related to actions associated with AIP creation. The records may be automated or may be written by individuals, depending on the nature of the actions described. Where community or international standards are used, the repository must demonstrate that all relevant actions are carried through.

APTrust uses a subset of fields from the PREMIS metadata schema to record and report event metadata. Information about the APTrust Premis Event resource can be found here: Event Resource