4.2.1 Associated definition for each AIP or class of AIPs Copy URL

TDR requirement: The repository shall have for each AIP or class of AIPs preserved by the repository an associated definition that is adequate for parsing the AIP and fit for long term preservation needs.

This is necessary to ensure that the AIP and its associated definition, including appropriate Packaging Information, can always be found, processed and managed within the archive

Documentation clearly linking each AIP, or class of AIPs, to its definition.

The repository may use any method for associating the definitions and the AIPs that provides for the continued and continuous linkage of the two entities.

See the APTrust Definition of AIP.

Intellectual items represent the top level abstraction represented by the submission bag and its primary role is to stored required submission metadata and help mediate access to the underlying digital files represented by Generic File objects .  Since each depositor determines individually what the significance of a particular file grouping is during submission, APTrust uses the Intellectual Item to store the submission metadata and register any top level event related to the files grouped under it. See “Preservation Description Information (PDI)” in the APTrust Archival Information Package.

The bagit profile requires, in the Submission Information Package (SIP) that is converted to the AIP, the file aptrust-info.txt, which must include a human readable title, and access information. See Bagging specifications for more information.

The profile also includes serialization requirements.