The repository shall have contemporaneous records of actions and administration processes that are relevant to content acquisition.

This is necessary to ensure that such documentation, which may be needed in an audit, is captured and is accurate and authentic.

Written documentation of decisions and/or action taken; preservation metadata logged, stored, and linked to pertinent digital objects, confirmation receipts sent back to providers.

These records should be created on or about the time of the actions they refer to and are related to actions taken during the Ingest: Acquisition of Content process (4.1). The records may be automated or may be written by individuals, depending on the nature of the actions described. Where community or international standards are used, the repository must demonstrate that all relevant actions are carried through.

The results of various ingest content processing workflows as well as details about reporting to the Depositors are described in Monitoring the Ingest Process and Reporting. Also see section 4.1.7 on communication.