The repository shall provide the producer/depositor with appropriate responses at agreed points during the ingest processes.

This is necessary in order to ensure that the producer can verify that there are no inadvertent lapses in communication which might otherwise allow loss of SIPs.

Submission agreements/deposit agreements/deeds of gift; workflow documentation; standard operating procedures; evidence of ‘reporting back’ such as reports, correspondence, memos, or emails.

Based on the initial processing plan and agreement between the repository and the producer/depositor, the repository must provide the producer/depositor with progress reports at agreed points throughout the ingest process. Repository responses can range from nothing at all to predetermined, periodic reports of the ingest completeness and correctness, error reports and any final transfer of custody document. Producers/Depositors can request further information on an ad hoc basis when the previously agreed upon reports are insufficient.

Reporting describes the current reports, alerts, and email notifications that are available for institutional admins and depositors to view. These results of various content processing workflows allow the depositors to understand the recent history of item processing, troubleshoot any stuck items or errors and request any additional action needed to resolve any problems. Some events may overlap with audited PREMIS events registered with the object or also include events not reported as part of ingest and preservation.  Pharos web interface primarily serves as a convenience for reporting progress and status of content processing as well as offers some minimal services for reporting on errors and requesting services outside of item preservation (such as reporting and clearing invalid items).

The depositor can also programmatically retrieve the status of work items (see Item Endpoints). Users will be able to search processed items from their own institution by whole or partial name or whole or partial etag.

For additional technical documentation, see the Using APTrust document, particularly the Infrastruct View section, and the Member API document.

The  APTrust Sustaining Member Deposit Agreement defines the relationship and respective roles between APTrust and Sustaining Members.