3.3.3 Documented history of changes Copy URL

The repository shall have a documented history of the changes to its operations, procedures, software, and hardware.

This is necessary in order to provide an ‘audit trail’ through which stakeholders can identify and trace decisions made by the repository.

Capital equipment inventories; documentation of the acquisition, implementation, update, and retirement of critical repository software and hardware; file retention and disposal schedules and policies, copies of earlier versions of policies and procedures; minutes of meetings.

This documentation may include decisions about the organizational and technical infrastructure. Documentation of or interviews with appropriate staff who can explain repository practices and workflow should be available.

All of our formal policies include a version history and list of reviewers. For the list of policies, see https://aptrust.org/policies/.

The Archive list provides access to previous versions of the wiki and WARC files.

Technical documentation, especially the Architecture and the System processes and interactions described in the Architecture page, outline the hardware and software design of APTrust.

See also Member Meeting Minutes.