3.3.4 Commit to Transparency Copy URL

The repository shall commit to transparency and accountability in all actions supporting the operation and management of the repository that affect the preservation of digital content over time.

This is necessary because transparency, in the sense of being available to anyone who wishes to know, is the best assurance that the repository operates in accordance with accepted standards and practices.

Reports of financial and technical audits and certifications; disclosure of governance documents, independent program reviews, and contracts and agreements with providers of funding and critical services.

If the repository uses software to capture information about its history, it should be able to demonstrate these tracking tools. Where appropriate, the history is linked to relevant preservation strategies and describes potential effects on preserving digital content. This requirement does not mean that the organization must make information which would make it vulnerable to competitors available, but rather that the organization commits to disclosing its methods for preserving digital content at least to the Designated Community or other appropriate stakeholder in order to demonstrate that it is meeting all current preservation requirements.

APTrust is committed to transparency by creating, maintaining, and providing public access via our website to our documentation and related materials. 

As stated in “APTrust Strategic Plan and Core Principles” document outlining our strategic direction for 2021-2026, “APTrust uses open technologies and protocols, almost exclusively, and has contributed to standards development for digital preservation. APTrust holds regular member meetings that are open to the community and shares our goals, progress, and financial details on our website and other places. APTrust also maintains a full suite of technical documentation, governance and policy documents, as well as budget reporting–all publicly available. All preservation practices are published for any community member to examine and challenge.” 

Each policy and supporting documentation shows governance and financial transparency. Governance documents, meeting minutes, and financial reports are shared to the public via the APTrust website. All reports and policies can be viewed on the Policies page. All documentation can be viewed on the Documentation page.

APTrust through its policy procedure documents commits to the ongoing review of current policies based on various cycles with former versions being kept preserved as well.

Communication and discussion of topics is managed via a listserv in which all members can participate as well as both internal and public Slack Channels.  Other news is shared via the APTrust website in the News section and press releases. APTrust, per its Governance Manual, also commits to at least one membership meeting per annum.