3.1.1 Mission Statement Copy URL

This is necessary in order to ensure commitment to preservation, retention, management and access at the repository’s highest administrative level.

Mission statement or charter of the repository or its parent organization that specifically addresses or implicitly calls for the preservation of information and/or other resources under its purview; a legal, statutory, or government regulatory mandate applicable to the repository that specifically addresses or implicitly requires the preservation, retention, management and access to information and/or other resources under its purview.

The repository’s or its parent organization’s mission statement should explicitly address preservation. If preservation is not among the primary purposes of an organization that houses a digital repository then preservation may not be essential to the organization’s mission. In some instances a repository pursues its preservation mission as an outgrowth of the larger goals of an organization in which it is housed, such as a university or a government agency, and its narrower mission may be formalized through policies explicitly adopted and approved by the larger organization. Government agencies and other organizations may have legal mandates that require they preserve materials, in which case these mandates can be substituted for mission statements, as they define the purpose of the organization. Mission statements should be kept up to date and continue to reflect the common goals and practices for preservation.

APTrust Mission Statement: “The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) is an innovative consortium committed to the creation and management of a sustainable environment for the digital stewardship of academic and research content.”

See the APTrust Mission and Goals (current adopted version).

Updated draft version: 2022 Mission and Goals