3.4.1 Business planning processes Copy URL

The repository shall have short- and long-term business planning processes in place to sustain the repository over time.

This is necessary in order to ensure the viability of the repository over the period of time it has promised to provide access to its contents for its Designated Community.

Up-to-date, multi-year strategic, operating and/or business plans; audited annual financial statements; financial forecasts with multiple budget scenarios; contingency plans; market analysis.

An annual business planning process is commonly accepted as the standard for most organizations.

APTrust’s Financial Sustainability and Business Planning (approved by the APTrust Board, October 2021) document is here.

Governing Board’s 2018 direction for APTrust” document adopted by the Board in December 2017 and publicly posted on the APTrust website includes goals related to business plans under “Section III: Document APTrust Value”.

It is also part of the job description of the Executive Director to manage and disseminate budget figures. See the APTrust Governance Manual for duties of the Executive Director and the role of the APTrust Board which includes business planning.

For additional information see APTrust’s Budget Reports.