3.1.2 Preservation strategic plan Copy URL

The repository shall have a Preservation Strategic Plan that defines the approach the repository will take in the long-term support of its mission.

This is necessary in order to help the repository make administrative decisions, shape policies, and allocate resources in order to successfully preserve its holdings.

Preservation Strategic Plan; meeting minutes; documentation of administrative decisions which have been made.

The strategic plan should be based on the organization’s established mission, and on its defined values, vision and goals. Strategic plans typically cover a particular finite time period, normally in the 3-5 year range.

In October 2021, the Governing Board approved “APTrust Strategic Plan and Core Principles” document outlining the strategic plan and core principles agreed upon by the APTrust Membership as well as the strategic direction for 2021-2026 (see “Strategic Planning: Mission and Goals“):


Goal 1: Build out our technology infrastructure to meet the changing needs of our membership.


– 1.1 Maintain and update our preservation services to maintain high levels of service and usability.

– 1.2 Continue to develop, maintain, and extend the DART tool for the entire digital curation community to transfer digital content with integrity.

– 1.3 Explore adding alternative storage and compute Infrastructure-as-a-Service options to APTrust stack in order to add vendor and technological diversity and resilience to our services.


Goal 2: Improve communication with APTrust members and the broader community.


– 2.1 Develop an integrated documentation strategy for APTrust.

– 2.2 Cultivate interest and working groups focused on the work of APTrust.

– 2.3 Engage the broader community through open meetings, reports, and documentation (e.g. website, wiki, GitHub).


Goal 3: Continue to advance and improve APTrust’s services


– 3.1 Develop ways for members to be able to define the core preservation service(s) right for their organization, and investigate potential or refine current business models.

– 3.2 Offer models for the business practices, policies, and workflows related to subaccounts in order to make it easier for APTrust members to extend services to community partners.

– 3.3 Create an internal review process for vetting APTrust’s potential role in future research grants to align with the vision, mission, and values of APTrust and balance internal and wider community goals.


Core Preservation Services Policy, approved by the Board in October 2021

Succession Policy, approved by the Board in September 2021

Preservation & Storage wiki page