Identified and documented critical processes that affect its ability to comply with its mandatory responsibilities Copy URL

The repository shall have identified and documented critical processes that affect its ability to comply with its mandatory responsibilities.

This is necessary in order to ensure that the critical processes can be monitored to ensure that they continue to meet the mandatory responsibilities and to ensure that any changes to those processes are examined and tested.

Traceability matrix between processes and mandatory requirements.

Examples of critical processes include data management, access, archival storage, ingest, and security processes. Traceability makes it possible to understand which repository processes are required to meet each of the mandatory responsibilities.

Processes/Mandatory Requirements Appropriate information Sufficient control Designated community Independently understandable Contingency planning Reporting and information availability
Per bagging specification SIP must include bagit.txt, bag-info.txt, aptrust-info.txt and are verified before ingest. https://aptrust.github.io/userguide/bagging/ X X X X X
Pharos records PREMIS event data and provides reporting on preserved objects X X X
Fixity checks on object every 90 days X
Multiple storage locations and copies of AIPs are kept. https://aptrust.github.io/userguide/bagging/#allowed-storage-option-values X X Adequate hardware and software support for backup functionality sufficient for preserving the repository content and tracking repository functions X X X X
Double Fault Deletion Procedures X X X X
Extensive Logging and audit trails Technical Documentation#Logging X X X
APTrust software code is kept in version control. Minor updates and changes are documented with every “commit” to the version control system (GitHub). X X X X X
Processes and infrastructure are monitored, see Monitoring and Alerting. X X X
Restoration Spot Tests. Execute testing process of Content Information of AIPs#Examples Provided X X X X X X


Original Documentation Original Documentation OASIS


Defining TDR document in Wiki APTrust reference 

These are Key Performance Parameters. Let’s work on a better mapping matrix that identifies the functionality to meet this, as well as the specific processes in place. Some of these are functional requirements, and some are non-functional. But the above does do the basic trick. We DO need to update the pages in many case.