The repository shall have procedures, commitment, and funding to replace software when evaluation indicates the need to do so.

This is necessary to ensure software replacement in a timely fashion so as to avert system failure or performance inadequacy. Without such a commitment, and more importantly, without escrowed financial resources or a secure funding stream, technology watches and notifications are of little value. The repository must have mechanisms for evaluating the efficacy of the new systems before implementation in the production system.

Statement of commitment to provide expected and contracted levels of service; evidence of ongoing financial assets set aside for software procurement; demonstration of cost savings through amortized cost of new system.

The objective is to demonstrate that the repository has the ability to incorporate new technology, both financially through funding commitments or cost reduction, and operationally through verification of the capabilities of the new systems.

APTrust provides an archiving solution as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that is custom developed by APTrust staff. Staff time is managed to continue the development, maintenance, and upgrades of the SaaS offering. The budget includes investments into the solution where contractors may be a better fit for specific projects and needs. Technologies used are open source technologies that are supported by a volunteer community. 

Software required for the running of hardware, virtual hardware, or similar, is managed by the public cloud providers hosting the APTrust environment. 

APTrust adheres to our Financial Budget Breakdown that includes complete funding for at least one year without any external income.

Reference updated core agreement as soon as it has been completed and vetted by communications.