Procedures, commitment and funding to replace hardware Copy URL

The repository shall have procedures, commitment, and funding to replace hardware when evaluation indicates the need to do so.

This is necessary to ensure hardware replacement in a timely fashion so as to avert system failure or performance inadequacy. Without such a commitment, and more importantly, without escrowed financial resources or a secure funding stream, technology watches and notifications are of little value. The repository must have mechanisms for evaluating the efficacy of the new systems before implementation in the production system.

Statement of commitment to provide expected and contracted levels of service; evidence of ongoing financial assets set aside for hardware procurement; demonstration of cost savings through amortized cost of new system.

The objective is to demonstrate that the repository has the ability to incorporate new technology, both financially through funding commitments or cost reduction, and operationally through verification of the capabilities of the new systems.

The services provided by APtrust are outlined in the following documents:

See also the APTrust budget reports for a breakdown of revenue and expenditures:

The APTrust System infrastructure is hosted entirely on AWS except for Wasabi S3 cloud storage service. These services are not provided via a fixed expense, but as a variable expense, with opportunities to purchase a set amount of resource for an extended period at a lower rate. The APTrust team evaluates resources and plans operational costs for a year based on trends. APTrust maintains a detailed budget with enough reserves to allow for infrastructure maintenance and upgrades.