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All APTrust Documentation and Policies can be view in one place main page.

APTrust follows the Digital Library Federation Code of Conduct (as recommended by our members)

These documents describe the mapping between APTrust and the OAIS Reference Architecture:

There exists a glossary of terms you will encounter within TDR and Technical Documentation.

It exists here:

For the purposes of the audit, the wiki also contains a page for each of the ISO 16363 criteria. The goal for these pages was that they be a finding aid for the auditors, allowing them to easily locate the relevant parts of the documents for each criterion, but that all actual content be in the documents. Thus interested readers can use the documents without needing to refer to the criteria pages.

All ISO standard headlines are listed under the links above. In order to be displayed in the Overall TDR Status page the pages have to have to correct categories and a TDRSection-Infobox.

– If a sub-page has a red link, it doesn’t exist yet but can be created by clicking on the link and starting to edit them. After initial draft of the page click on insert template, search for TDRSection-Infobox and click on add.

– Each TDR page should be tagged with the appropriate categories. For example for 4) Digital Object Management see the categories at the very end of the page: Category: TDR | TDR-Section | 4. Digital Object Management Each subsection should have these categories added until the first subsection level i.e. 4.1 Ingest – Acquisition of Content

– Existing Pages should all have categories as follows (this is visible in the Edit Source tab):

[[Category:3. Organizational Infrastructure]]
[[Category:3.1 Governance and Organizational Viability]]

|Description="The parameters for this template allow the following values.\nStatus: \nAccepted\nReady for review\nIn Progress\nNot started\n\nCompliance Rating: \n0: Not compliant,\n1: Slightly compliant,\n2: Half compliant,\n3: Mostly compliant,\n4: Fully compliant"
|Compliance Rating=