Bradley Daigle leads NDSA team to international recognition

November 28, 2020

APTrust-associated folks were recognized internationally on World Digital Preservation Day in a major biennial award competition administered by the Digital Preservation Coalition.

First the background: In October 2018, our own Bradley Daigle initiated an National Digital Stewardship Alliance “reboot” process for the widely used “Levels of Digital Preservation.” He managed and guided the ongoing effort to its recent conclusion, collaborating with more than 200 contributors in six separate working groups that spanned several continents. Those involved in one form or another included colleagues affiliated with APTrust, among them Nathan Tallman of Penn State University and Lauren Work of the University of Virginia. The first set of products was released in 2019 with new additions and additional research components being released at the November 12 edition of the annual NDSA Digital Preservation Conference. Full background of the overall effort is on the NDSA website

Bradley and the NDSA team won the new International Council on Archives Award for Collaboration and Co-operation, a major recognition for outstanding work on a deeply impactful project. Our congratulations to Bradley and all involved. In addition to his role as Strategic and Content Expert for APTrust, Bradley is the chair of the NDSA Leadership team and is Digital Initiatives Librarian at the UVA Library.

The International Council on Archives Award is one of a set of Digital Preservation Coalition Awards happen every two years and reflecting the international digital preservation community’s judgement on what/who should receive acclaim and recognition. Here’s more information on those awards:

Bradley wrote about the work he led in a Digital Preservation Coalition blogpost published on World Digital Preservation Day here:

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