2022 Fall Meeting




Harrison Institute and Small Special Collection Library

Map: https://static.lib.virginia.edu/files/maps/library-locations.pdf [1]

Enter the building, go down the stairs. The building will open at 8:30 AM


02 October Library Leaders Dinner (at Dean Unsworth’s Pavilion 2)Lawn Map Just to the right of the Rotunda.

03 October 8:30-5:00 [EST] – Harrison Institute and Small Special Collection Library

  Reception starting at 5:15 at The Colonnade Club, Pavilion VII
     Walking directions in different formats:

04 October 8:30-12:00 [EST] – Harrison Institute and Small Special Collection Library

Hard Hat tour of the Main Library [Limited to 20] 12:15-1:15

Materials for Review

Please review these and bring feedback and questions to the meeting


APTrust Budget link

APTrust Year in Review link

APTrust Technical Updates

Andrew Presentation

Flavia Presentation

AWS Talk – Greg Ritter


NDSA Staffing Survey Survey resultsSlides

Working Group Updates

Certification Presentation

Communication Presentation

Archivists Presentation


University of Maryland College Park Presentation

Princeton Theological Seminary Presentation

North Carolina State University Presentation

University of Virginia Presentation


Agenda Link

Registration is closed. We are at 50 people!


APTrust will be funding your transportation to and from the meeting as well as your accommodation. There will be meals at the meeting (e.g. breakfast each day) and a reception after day one. You will be responsible for per diem and/or other incidental costs – those are not covered. As mentioned, there are two options for booking your travel.

Pcard: You may book your travel in advance through UVa’s travel agency, Christopherson Business Travel Christopherson Travel – please tell them that you are booking travel for the APTrust Member Meeting as a guest and to use the procurement card on placed file.

Reimbursement: You may book your own travel and be reimbursed after the fact. To do so, you will have to register as a vendor in the state of Virginia’s procurement system. We will have to submit your name and email to send you a registration link. You will also need to keep your receipts and send them to me so I can work with our Business Services Team to submit them.

Please remember that APTrust is part of the University of Virginia and as such, is governed by GSA travel guidelines GSA travel guidelines

A Note about reimbursements

We cannot pre-pay your hotel stay – not for lack of trying. This means that most of you will have to follow the reimbursement path for your hotel. Keep in mind that the State of Virginia will not reimburse any travel expenses prior to the date of travel and/or stay. This means if you purchase a non-refundable hotel room, we still cannot reimburse you until after the date of the stay. Since APTrust is paying, you do not need to choose the non-refundable rate. Please keep that in mind and let me know if you have any further questions.

Hotel Parking:

There are many decent hotels in the near vicinity (Main Street) that are connected to the University via the free Trolley service Free Trolley

If you are driving or leaving your car at the event there is parking in the Central Garage Parking Info