2020/1 Winter Meeting


Location: Zoom


11 January 2021, Monday: 2-4pm [EST] — The State of APTrust

13 January 2021, Wednesday: 2-4pm [EST] — Strategic Planning

Pre-Meeting Assignments

For APTrust members participating in the second day strategic planning session, you have some assignments.

  1. Review our current vision and mission statements.
  2. If you think the vision statement needs to be changed, please add sticky notes to this Jamboard.
  3. If you think the mission statement needs to be changed, please add your reaction to this Flipgrid. (Note: A Google or Microsoft account is required to submit a video response. You can also email feedback to the Co-Chairs of the Advisory Committee, Rosalyn Metz and Nathan Tallman.)
  4. Consider activities that APTrust should start, stop, and continue.


Keep up with the latest happenings at our Member Meeting and add your voice! Here is the link to our agenda/notes document.