2016 Fall Meeting

Meeting Date and Place

September 26-27, 2016, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Presentations, Documents, etc.

Meeting Agenda

2016 Budget Report

Defining and Prioritizing Reporting Needs

Technical/Operational Reports Needed:

  • High-level Ingest volume, bag numbers, and file numbers
  • How many gigabytes, by format type for each institution puts into preservation system, for a period of time that is flexible – monthly, yearly, fiscal year…
  • Where content is stored in S3, Glacier storage consumed and costs by institution, if beyond 10 TB
  • Machine actionable fixity report – to compare against local checksums
  • Logging of content usage by APTrust user – unsure if this means by user or institution, by users/libraries using a naming convention within an institution
  • Status of items also going to DPN, by institution – Andrew reports this report is already there, and available via API, Andrew will document where and what of this report.
  • Messaging between systems, when content was last audited (fixity checked) and pass along to another system – so local reports could be developed.
  • Enhanced PREMIS event logging – when files are moving between systems
  • Need a feature request location for new reports needed, new functionality, etc.
  • APTrust managers should be able to get high-level aggregated reports across institutions, by file formats, file size, file counts, etc for marketing purposes, annual report, to report up to the governing board, etc.
  • Dashboard of ingest volume
  • Number of PREMIS events recorded
  • Average file size
  • How do count the number of works, if consists of multiple files – This would be difficult because each institution can be bagging differently, serialized formats
  • Annual Report from the Director (calendar year) in advance that the APTrust bill comes out – Metric highlights over time, # of presentations, meetings with other entities, digital preservation stories (1 to 2 a year) from a couple of institutions
  • Service manager activity reports oriented report
  • System health report – up-time, planned downtime, unplanned downtime
  • Specs for virtual machines used in AWS
  • Duplication identification report, by institution (filter out content already deleted) – Andrew already has to do this and will add this to the new system
  • A list of anything every deletion by done user, by institution
  • How much content is ingested into APTrust that goes into DPN, and how much content APTrust is replicating from other DPN nodes
  • Other reports as requested over time

Other comments:

  • What baseline level of PREMIS should we be tracking? – Opportunity for interest group. Send an email to Bradley if interested.
  • Need to divvy up reporting activities
  • Once development is complete, may need fewer development staff, or re-divide up new tasks to focus on like communications activities
  • APTrust invoices out by June 1, payable between June 20th and August.
  • When a file is deleted, the metadata is not, but marked deleted and a PREMIS event is recorded
  • APTrust will put up the list of recommended reports above and have the members vote on the priority of each, in terms of development sequence.