New Institution Checklist

Welcome to APTrust! By now you have signed the terms and conditions of deposit and are ready to start. To make your ramp-up to using APTrust as quick and easy as possible we have created a checklist to get you started.

1Review membership responsibilitiesReview the responsibilities of APTrust membership in all relevant documentation.
2Provide user informationAn "admin" user will have the ability to manage other users and allow deletion requests of other users. We employ a Two-man rule deletion procedure that requires two users (admin and regular user) to delete data. A "depositor user" is able to make deposits and access the Pharos web-ui and APIUse that information to setup accounts on the repository frontend and AWS backend systems. To the extent possible, APTrust will never share or sell member's or user's personal information. It will only ever be used for login and mailing purposes. APTrust uses several 3rd party applications, including Authy, and the AWS Simple Notification Service, on Pharos and cannot guarantee how they will use personal data. Privacy information on AWS can be found here and privacy information on Authy can be found here.
3Provide credentials to the institutional usersMake sure to store credentials in a safe manner.