CHARLOTTESVILLE, April 1, 2024 – The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) has reached an impressive preservation milestone, with over 410 terabytes of unique critical digital content now safeguarded across its robust storage systems. This vast collection spans 13 million files from over 260,000 objects, highlighting APTrust's unwavering commitment to long-term digital preservation.

"APTrust members and staff have worked hard for the past ten years to develop a sustainable digital preservation repository. Reaching this milestone affirms everything we've been working toward," said Nathan Tallman, Executive Director of APTrust.

This amount of activity, which has seen a remarkable 45% increase since April 2023, can be attributed to the successful deployment of APTrust's cloud-native architecture. This innovative system has significantly bolstered the capacity, reliability, and durability of APTrust's services, instilling confidence in its member institutions.

APTrust believes this achievement to be unparalleled among comparable not-for-profit organizations in the digital preservation arena, underscoring the assurance and value its members place in the collaborative service. The substantial content volume also signifies a favorable return on investment for APTrust's sustaining members. 

This milestone was reached during an organizational transition, as APTrust underwent a leadership change with the retirement of its former executive director, further highlighting the resilience and dedication of the organization. 

With over 410 terabytes of irreplaceable digital content under its preservation umbrella, APTrust continues solidifying its position as a leader in the digital preservation landscape.

About APTrust

APTrust is a consortium of 20 higher education institutions committed to providing both a preservation repository for digital content and collaboratively developed services related to that content.

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