APTrust Welcomes another new sustaining member – Princeton Theological Seminary

June 23, 2021

The governing board of the Academic Preservation Trust announced today that it has selected Princeton Theological Seminary as the latest sustaining member to join its community.

Gregory Murray, Director of Digital Initiatives at Princeton Theological Seminary Library, said the match with APTrust is a good one for his institution.

“We hold world-renowned research collections in theology and cognate disciplines but PTS is a small, independent seminary, not a university,” he said. “We simply do not have the staff to mount a robust digital preservation system on our own. APTrust provides that system, which will be crucial to our digital preservation efforts from this point forward. As a non-profit collective, and more broadly as a community and ethos, APTrust is directly aligned with our values as an institution and as a research library.”

 APTrust Executive Director Bradley Daigle said that the seminary brings new elements to the multi-institution collaboration.

“I’m excited to welcome Princeton Theological Seminary as our latest sustaining member,” he said. “The Seminary’s holdings and organizational profile make it truly unique to our community. I look forward to working closely with the team from PTS to help introduce them to how we all share our knowledge and experience openly to the benefit of all of our institutions and to the constituencies they serve.”

Always seeking a broader and more diverse community of practice is a hallmark of APTrust, Daigle said.

“Our best hope in overcoming the obstacles that always-evolving digital materials put before us is to leverage this community–to nurture relationships that accelerate our progress and multiply the positive effects of our work. People and organizations that approach us with such strategies in mind quickly feel at home with APTrust. I’m confident that Princeton Theological Seminary will experience just that.”

If you have any questions or want to learn more about APTrust, please let us know.

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