APTrust Governing Board chair Winston Tabb of Johns Hopkins University announced today the appointment of two new members to the board.  Rosalyn Metz of Emory University and Nathan Tallman of Penn State University will serve as voting members of the board for the academic year 2019-20, and both are eligible to be reappointed in subsequent years.

Metz and Tallman's colleagues on the APTrust Advisory Committee nominated them to serve on the board with special responsibilities to be liaisons to the committee, as provided under the consortium's governance practices.

Metz serves as the director of library technology and digital strategies at Emory University in Atlanta. She received a BA from The George Washington University and an MLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At Emory University Metz leads a diverse cross-functional team that provides technology support for the libraries. She is a member of Fedora Leaders, chair of Fedora Steering, chair-elect of Samvera Steering, and a member of the editorial board for the Oxford Common File Layout.

As digital preservation librarian at Penn State University, Tallman coordinates policies, workflows and practices to ensure the long-term preservation and access of the University Libraries’ born-digital and born-analog collections. He advises on equipment, infrastructure, and vendors for Penn State digital content. Tallman also helps manage access systems by coordinating local practices and support for digital collections. He is a member of the NDSA Coordinating Committee, co-chairs the NDSA Infrastructure Interest Group, and is a member of several working groups. He is also a member of the Metaarchive Cooperative Steering Committee. Prior to Penn State, Tallman was the digital content strategist at the University of Cincinnati and associate archivist at the American Jewish Archives. He earned his MLS and a BS in Business Administration from the State University of New York at Buffalo.