APTrust Lowers Rates for “Extra” Content to be Preserved

April 11, 2017

On the eve of its working groups meeting at the University of Miami (April 12-13, 2017), the Academic Preservation Trust Governing Board approved a 24 percent rate reduction for its digital preservation service.

Improvements in APTrust’s underlying software environment, plus a reduction from Amazon Web Services in fees for several services that the APTrust preservation repository uses, enabled the digital preservation consortium to reduce the cost for “extra” content (beyond the 10 terabyte (TB) amount allocated to members as part of their core membership fee) from $2,750 per year for five TB to $2,100 per year for five TB.  In 2015, APTrust introduced its service with a quoted price of $4,250 per five TB per year, and the new level is less than half of that price two years later.  Those reductions are testimony to how APTrust’s accumulating experience and price reductions from AWS are enabling significant drops in cost in providing high-assurance digital preservation.

For more details on the services provided, see the Program tab in the aptrust.org web site..

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