Program Director Search Begins

March 13, 2013

Continuing to build core staff, APTrust is looking for a dynamic individual to be Program Director. See the Program Director job description for more information. To apply, visit the UVa [email protected] site , and search under University Staff positions.

[Record update: This position was filled by Suzanne Thorin, who served in the role for one year (2013-2014)]

JOB DESCRIPTION: Program Director, Academic Preservation Trust

The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) [] is an innovative consortium committed to creation and management of a sustainable environment for digital preservation and aggregate repository services for academic and research content. Community collaboration is central to APTrust’s operating philosophy. The Program Director will work closely with the APTrust Advisory Group to lead its evolving, ambitious vision, and to grow the existing project into a trusted preservation solution. The Director will be responsible for building APTrust into a self-supporting, full-service entity by developing partner relationships and leveraging participation of APTrust members.

APTrust currently has 12 academic research partner libraries from across the country. The University of Virginia Library is leading the incubation of APTrust’s services: 1) a repository for long-term preservation of content; 2) a replicating node for the Digital Preservation Network (DPN); and 3) future services that may include disaster recovery, format migration, or hosted repositories. APTrust will leverage the resources of the existing preservation community to promote collaborative solutions and best practices in digital preservation. 

Primary Responsibilities
Provide strategic vision
Lead successful operations
Coordinate outreach and communication
Skills and Competencies

To apply: Submit a cover letter stating your interest in the position, a CV, and references. The University of Virginia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.