Governing Board


The Governing Board is the primary governing body for APTrust; however, member institutions contribute actively to governance through input gathered by the Board. The Board defines and recommends strategic direction to help meet operational and strategic goals and provides advice and oversight for the budget and finances. The Board meets quarterly in person or by phone as needed and holds an annual meeting of the Board with all institutional members.

APTrust is legally constituted as part of the University of Virginia. Activities and operating guidelines of APTrust are subject to the rules and policies of the University of Virginia, as are any contracts between individual member institutions and the University of Virginia.

Advisory Committee

The APTrust Advisory Committee comprises two representatives each from the APTrust Sustaining Member institutions. They are appointed annually by their respective deans, and two members of the committee are selected to serve as liaisons to the APTrust Governing Board, where they are voting members.

The concept of this group was refined in discussions at the October 2015 meeting of the APTrust members. There, a consensus emerged that the Advisory Committee would assume responsibility for strategic discussions and planning, including topics such as services and collaborations with other entities. Products might include a documentation of strategic principles and business/service principles (as found in this draft). This group will also assume responsibility for commissioning and decommissioning work groups, as well as for providing advice to the Governing Board and the APTrust staff, as indicated in the APTrust Governance Manual.