Using APTrust

APTrust provides a complete demo environment where depositors can test depositing and restoring of objects. It is encouraged to use the demo environment first to get familiar with the system and process.

Before you do anything, you’ll need access to your institution’s S3 buckets and to APTrust’s Web UI, Pharos.

To use APTrust basic features, you’ll receive the following for both, demo and the production environment.

  • AWS keys. These let you access your receiving bucket, into which you’ll upload new bags for ingest, and your restoration bucket, from which you’ll download restored bags. Each member has two sets of keys: one for the demo environment, and one for the production environment. You can request AWS keys from [[1]].
  • Tools for accessing S3 buckets. Amazon maintains client libraries in commonly-used languages to help you access S3 through the language of your choice. APTrust maintains a set of partner tools for uploading to, downloading from, and listing the contents of your S3 buckets.
  • A login for our Web UI. If your organization already has access to our web interfaces at and, then you have a local APTrust administrator who can set up an account for you. If no one in your organization has credentials to these sites, contact [[2]] to get set up.
  • An API key. You’ll need this only if you plan on accessing our member API.  Once you have a login for the Web UI, you may generate an API key using by accessing your users profile page. Click “Generate an API key” button and and note the generated key in a secure place. For help contact [[3]] for an API key, and note that you’ll need separate keys for the demo and production systems.