APTrust Fall 2016 Update and Meeting Highlights

October 06, 2016 News, Events, Presentations, Technical

On Monday and Tuesday, September 26 and 27, forty-four people explored a wide range of digital preservation topics in the APTrust Fall 2016 membership meeting at Lauinger Library at Georgetown University.  As has become our tradition, we invited guest speakers to expand our thinking on such topics as where APTrust fits in the larger digital preservation landscape, the urgent need to preserve software, and the opportunities and challenges of international partnerships.

Many more details about the Fall meeting are available at our meeting wiki page:


There you'll find information about who attended, presentations by our guests, and prior-to-meeting background reports on APTrust's recent developments and on its budget.  What you won't find there is an updated figure on ingest:  in recent days we have crossed the threshold of 20 terabytes, and ingest continues at high volume, just as Andrew Diamond and our technical team are completing revisions in our underlying software to make ingest faster and reporting on content easier. 

Thanks very much to all who had a hand in making our Fall meeting a success.  Our Spring meeting will be in Miami, and we hope to see you there.

Chip German

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